Our Executive Chef and Owner Nicholas Carambelas offers consulting services. He has been a part of multiple restaurant openings and has consulted for restaurants looking to improve sales, market to consumers, and train staff members. We create a package for you depending on your needs. Nicholas can be as hands on as you need.

Examples of services that he has performed are:

  • Brand building – Helping build a brand whether it’s a concept the restaurateur has already started to create or helping to create the business concept altogether.
  • Marketing – Building media relations through multiple social media outlets and print media. Nicholas uses a tried and true technique that was developed over time.
  • Menu development – Writing the menus and recipes to get the restaurant started from the ground up or as an overhaul for establishments that are already operational.
  • Staff development – Working with the owner to find the right staffing solutions. Once the staff is set they can be trained so they can really grab a hold of the concepts of the restaurant.
  • Team building – Elevating food to the next level by working with existing staff to bring the team together.