Let’s take a look at another recipe that we can bring to our tables this holiday season. Apple and cranberry sauce are both usually staples when it comes to these large family dinners so why not skip some steps and combined the two for a truly unique taste.

What you will need:

  • Apples                                  8 Each (cored and sliced)
  • Fresh Cranberries             1 lbs
  • Brown sugar                       1/2 Cup
  • Cinnamon                           1 Stick
  • Star anise                            1 Each
  • Salt                                       1 Tablespoon 
  • Bourbon                              1/2 Cup
  • Water                                  1/2 Cup
  • Lemon                                 Juice from one
  1. in a large saucepan combine the apples, lemon, cranberries, and sugar. Heat over a medium high heat and keep stirring until the apples begin to show some color.
  2. Add the water, cinnamon, salt, and star anise. Bring to a simmer. Cook until the water is almost syrup like.
  3. Pull the pan away from the heat and add the liquor, thoroughly stirring it in. (For a stronger bourbon flavor and little kick from the alcohol stop the cooking at this step. )
  4. Place bak onto the heat and bring to a quick simmer for 60 seconds.
  5. With a wire whisk or potato masher smash the mixture to your desired consistency. 

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